Monday, May 25, 2015

Locks and Dam near Alton, Illinois

Today I got to watch a barge move upstream through the Melvin Price Locks and Dam near Alton, Illinois. The images below were taken over the course of about a half hour. I'd definitely recommend the free tour, and the exhibits inside the adjacent National Great Rivers Museum were really worthwhile, too.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Sights inside Meramec Caverns

Although we couldn't hear most of what the tour guide tried to tell us as he did his best to shout over incessantly screaming toddlers in Meramec Caverns this afternoon, I managed to get some photos. I wish I could share something meaningful about the various formations, but the context-less eye candy will have to suffice.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Dear Emily

Mount Moriah in the Black Hills of South Dakota
Since coming across New Poems of Emily Dickinson (edited by William H. Shurr) last weekend at Dunaway Books, I've set aside a couple other reads to overindulge in this collection of epistolary Dickinson excerpts.

I have to agree with the editor that even though these portions of letters are not included in the traditional canon of Dickinson poems and though most of them were formatted as prose by the poet it's worthwhile to consider them in this poetic, reformatted light as well.

They hold up beautifully under it. Dickinson is strange, unexpected, irreverent as ever.

Among those that particularly strike me:

"The career of flowers differs from ours
only in inaudibleness." (388)

Flora at Devils Tower, Wyoming
"Spring is a happiness so beautiful,
so unique, so unexpected,
that I don't know what to do with my heart.
I dare not take it,
I dare not leave it
What do you advise?" (389) 

"Expulsion from Eden grows indistinct
in the presence of flowers so blissful,
and with no disrespect to Genesis,
Paradise remains." (552)

"Consciousness is the only home
of which we now know.
That sunny adverb had been enough,
were it not foreclosed." (591) 

"The little sentences I began
and never finished  
the little wells I dug
and never filled –"  (748)

"Maturity only enhances mystery,
never decreases it." (769)